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Former heavyweight champion Pinklon Thomas has a commitment to youth mentorship through his Project P.I.N.K. (Pride In Neighborhood Kids) and separately is a strong motivational speaker and adult trainer. Champ is bringing his passion to fight for our neighborhood kids.

Thomas won the WBC Heavyweight Championship with a hard fought 12-round battle over "Terrible" Tim Weatherspoon on August 31, 1984. Ten months later, he defended his title against ex-champion Mike Weaver, stopping Weaver with a single punch in the eighth round. Thomas lost the WBC title to Trevor Berbick in March 1986 by a decision. In a comeback attempt in May 1987,against champion Mike Tyson, Thomas went down in the sixth round for the first and only time in his career. Thomas beat the count, however the referee stopped the bout moments later.

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World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Pinklon Thomas

Only 27 boxers in history have earned the WBC title Heavyweight World Champion, and Pinklon Thomas is one of them. With a past as colorful as the pink shorts that were his trademark, this Boxing Hall of Fame inductee now uses his personal journey to touch, inspire and motivate others to strive to be champions. Significantly larger than his peers, Thomas sought acceptance from older children and wound up with ‘the wrong’ crowd at an early age. He followed a dark path that led him into a world of substance abuse and crime that few return from, only to emerge at the age of twenty as a rising star in the boxing world. Just five and a half years after he began training, Thomas won the WBC Heavyweight Title, which he defended from 1984 to 1986. However, after reaching
a pinnacle in his career and fighting world class boxers such as Mike Weaver, Mike Tyson, Trevor Berbick, Tim Witherspoon and Evander Holyfield, the fairytale didn’t end with a ‘happily ever after.’ Injuries, personal struggles and chemical dependency eventually grounded the high-flying champion and led him to seek treatment in 1989. Now, clean and sober for over 20 years, Pinklon seeks to help others by sharing his time, his love of athleticism and his story with all those in need of a helping hand. He will begin booking his speaking tour for 2012 to motivate those who may benefit from his story.
Thomas has dedicated the last ten years to motivating teens and youth at risk. He founded Project P.I.N.K. (Pride In Neighborhood Kids) as an outlet to them to nurture the talents within. Pinklon Thomas has a commitment to youth mentorship, in addition to bringing his passion and enthusiasm to fight for our neighborhood kids around the world. Pinklon Thomas encourages kids to stay out of trouble, set goals, and work hard to see that they achieve those goals, but the hallmark of Project P.I.N.K. is the progression of kids through the program and into mentoring positions.

Champ Shout Outs

To kick off the launch of his new website this year, Pinklon Thomas will be releasing a brand new weekly video series. Each week, the Champ will be mentoring kids all over the world through inspiring anecdotes about his rise to become Heavyweight Champion of the World, performance and training tips, and a weekly shout out to one young student or athlete that is working hard and staying out of trouble.

The shout out will be a weekly competition giving the winners a personal autographed picture and a bio in the online “Champ Shout Out” Hall of Fame. The video series will commend young people who are rising above and showing exemplary promise despite amazing odds. Thomas will seek out these promising youths and give them the added recognition they deserve. The Champ will be seeking corporate sponsors for the video series to generate revenues for Project P.I.N.K.